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Water Reeds
They Tried to Bury Us They Didn't Know We Were Seeds
Mister Rogers Did Not Adequately Prepare Me for the People in my Neighborhood
If You Are More Fortunate Than Others, Build a Longer Table, Not a Taller Fence
Of This Be Sure, You Do Not Find The Happy LIfe, You Make it
Here's the Thing, Fuck Everyone
Being an Adult is Like Folding a Fitted Sheet. No One Really Knows How
Cacti Duo
May Your Vibes Shift the Whole Damn Frequency of the Room When You Walk In
Well Shit At Least We Tried
Fucking Hooray
Get Rid of It All, Ctiticism, Comparison, and Outgrown Clothes
Your Intuition Knows Her Shit
Hang in There
As Soon As I Saw You I Knew a Grand Adventure Was About to Happen
Cacti Bowl
Those Who Dwell Among the Beauties
Grow Through What You Go Through
You Get In Life What You Have the Courage to Ask For
Obstinate, Headstrong Girl
We All Start As Strangers
Kindness It Doesn't Cost a Damn Thing
Too Busy Feeling Feelings and Overthinking About It
Holy Moly, Gee Whiz, Good Gooly
Don't Let the Bastards Get You Down
Welcome to the World Little One

➡ blank for personal message

SIZE: 4.25" x 5.5" [A2]
PAPER: 67 lb. matte white cover stock
PACKAGING: White envelope & cellophane sleeve

Paper.Glue.Scissors is an Albuquerque based artist who makes hand-cut paper artwork that is approachable, affordable, unusual and comes with a dose of wit, wisdom and snark.  With a penchant for thoughtful design her work is inspired by clever quotes and nature.

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