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Folktale Pin Cushion: Peach Boy


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Kei was so excited to find this beautiful pin cushion set from Japan! Not only do the folktale pins remind her of her childhood, the quality of the set is impeccable! Made in Ishikawa, Japan, by true craftsmen.

This pincushion is a peach with leaves that is made from needle-felted wool. There are also 5 hand-formed pins with characters from the folktale, Momotaro, or Peach Boy.  Each pin cushion and pin set comes boxed with an illustrated scroll with the folktale written in Japanese. It also includes a version of the folktale in English. Made in Japan.

Dimensions: 47 mm x 47 mm


The Story of Momotaro

Momotaro is about boy born from a peach (yes a peach!) to a childless but loving old couple. When he is big and strong, he decides to defeat the ogres who torment his village. On his journey, he makes friends with a talking dog, a monkey, and a pheasant who all agree to help him in his quest.

When they reach the ogres’ island, the loyal dog bites the ogres on the leg, the clever monkey scratches their faces, the brave pheasant pecks at their heads, and Momotaro fights them with his sword. Finally, the ogres surrender and offer Momotaro many treasures. He brings the treasures home to where the old couple are waiting, and they all live together happily ever after!  


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