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Shower Steamer: Mood (Pepperberry & Rose)



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Wet to activate + place on a shelf in the shower near your face for a strong diffusion or place on the shower floor for a lighter diffusion. Vegan/cruelty free/no synthetic fragrances or dyes.  Mood is peruvian pepperberry + bulgarian rose + organic peppermint.  Euphoric boosting blend will put you in the best mood. epsom salts + baking soda + witch hazel + pink rose clay + pepperberry + rose + peppermint + dried botanicals.

Comes with 2 steamers 

Cleanse Gourmet is an eclectic line of indulgent skincare products inspired by founder and creator Maggie’s love for the sea, her personal eclectic style and ever-loving obsession with fresh from the vine fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and flowers.  Their products are eco-friendly with earth conscious packaging made in small fresh batches.

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