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Folktale Pin Cushion: Princess Kaguya


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Kei was so excited to find this beautiful pin cushion set from Japan! Not only do the folktale pins remind her of her childhood, the quality of the set is impeccable! Made in Ishikawa, Japan, by true craftsmen.

This set of pins and pin cushion is based on the story of Princess Kaguya, a.k.a. the Bamboo Princess. It's one of the most famous Japanese fairy tales. Each set has 5 pins decorated with the symbolic motifs of the folktale in a pin cushion. This pin cushion uses a regional Noto fabric in a natural bamboo container. Pins are made one by one of resin. All elements are made by hand in Japan. Each pin cushion and set of pins comes boxed with an illustrated scroll with the folktale written in Japanese. It also includes a version of the folktale in English. 

Dimensions: 55 mm x 42 mm


The Story of Kaguya-hime

A long time ago, there lived an old man and his wife. One day, the old man cuts down a shining stalk of bamboo, and to his surprise, finds a little baby girl. The couple are delighted to have a child, and name her Kaguya-hime (Shining Princess).

The little girl grows up to be an extraordinary beauty and is courted by many noblemen, including the Emperor himself. However, she shows no interest in marrying. Her parents become worried and notice that she is sad whenever she looks at the moon. Eventually, Kaguya-hime reveals that she is not from this world, but from the moon.

When the day comes for her to return to her homeland, she apologizes to her parents, who are left heartbroken, and leaves a little elixir of immortality for the Emperor. He refuses to take it, not wanting to live forever without seeing her. 

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