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Photo of Kei & Molly screen printers.

Supporting our community means a lot to us.

Located near the International District of Albuquerque, we are committed to creating meaningful jobs for immigrants and refugees in our community. Our neighborhood is one of the city’s most culturally vibrant and diverse, though still steeped in poverty. We aim to serve as an economic engine for this area, providing work, skills, and support for those looking to build a better life for themselves and their families.

We engage on many fronts.

In addition to creating good jobs, we love engaging our community in different ways. We open our studio for visits by school groups and international entrepreneurs several times a year to educate and inspire. We host fellow artisans for pop-ups and carry local products in our store. We run printing workshops for those interested in learning our process. We also sponsor Kei & Molly Scholarships each year to support college bound immigrant students in our community.

Photo of Molly running a printing workshop for young students.
Photo of our inks in our studio.

Being environmental stewards is important to us.

With all the production we do, we are also committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. This means using only water-based, eco-friendly inks (no plastisol, please!). We filter our waste water to 20 microns to keep pigments out of our water system. Our product line is also made using only 100% natural fibers. Scrap fabric from our production is often recycled through schools and community groups. And living in the high desert, we make the most of our New Mexico sun by generating solar power for our electrical needs.