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Blood Orange + Ginger Lime Candle Tin


Blood Orange + Ginger Lime Candle Black tin
Blood Orange + Ginger Lime Candle White tin

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Strong, sultry and enticing come to mind with this decadent blend of neroli and fresh orange blossom. Partnered with bergamot, fresh fruits and florals to create the perfect balance between masculine and feminine!

We love that Upside Goods Co. motto is  "Shine a light on what's good!" We also love their unique scents like the Blood Orange + Ginger Lime candle is handmade in Albuquerque, New Mexico. You can also reuse the fun tin a handful of ways!

Product Info:

  • Coconut Soy Wax
  • 5oz fill
  • 40+ hour burn
  • Wooden wick
  • 3.5” x 2”


  • Allow your candle to burn until the full surface has melted - this ensures that your candle reaches a full melt pool + burns evenly for its full life.
  • All wood wicks should be trimmed to 1/4" before relighting every time. We have wick trimmers available or use nail clippers
  • Try not to power burn your candle (burning for longer than 4 hours at a time).
  • Keep an eye out. Place your candle within eyesight + away from any flammable items.

Made in New Mexico

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