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Reusable Cloth Bag Set: Bees



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Away with plastic bags! Be part of the solution and reduce the use of plastic bags!

Reusable cloth bags are all the rage and are the perfect alternative to single-use plastic bags! Take them to the grocery store for bulk items, use them in place of gift wrap, put your shoes or your delicates in them when you travel, or use them for craft projects like knitting or needlepoint! Offered in a set of two convenient sizes with a simple draw string closure, these colorful, versatile bags will help organize your life!  These Save the Bees fair-trade cloth bags are hand-printed in Albuquerque.

Bag Size: Approximately 8.5”x11” for Small, 13"x17" for Large
100% Cotton / Imported from India, Fair Trade Manufacturer
Hand-printed in Albuquerque, NM, USA using water-based, eco-friendly inks

Machine wash cold to keep colors bright. Colors will not run. Use non-chlorine bleach for stains. Line dry. Iron from backside if desired. Bag will shrink approximately 10-15%.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
delma partin
Reusable bags

Ok I have started to use the bags for everything. Produce bags, shoe bags for your suitcase, small items that need to stay together and anything else I can think of at this point. I think they will make really good gift bags so they can be spread around and reused by several friends. I wish there was at least 1 more size if not 2.

Sally Alcoze
Sweet as honey!

Beautifully constructed and artfully made, these bags will last a long, functional life!

Roxanne Benzel
Very nice bags!

I love the design on the reusable cloth bags. I would love to have a bigger size, too, and hope that if Kei & Molly design a larger bag I would purchase them.